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Dark Horse Comics

Final Fantasy XV Official Works Limited Edition

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A full-color, oversized, hardcover tome that faithfully adapts the original Japanese material, detailing the creation of the most recent entry in the Final Fantasy saga!

Final Fantasy XV's world of Eos is filled with wonderous scenery, larger-than-life creatures, diverse cultures, and treacherous foes. Experience hundreds of pieces of detailed design work composed lovingly for fans of the unique sci-fi fantasy world. This volume collects complex lore, insightful commentary, comprehensive data, and dazzling concept art, all beautifully bound in a richly detailed hardcover! Additionally, this Limited Edition is housed in a meticulously designed case, with a special acrylic art display, as well as a journal just like the Lover's Notebook used by Noctis and Luna!

Square Enix and Dark Horse Books present a superbly curated collection of Final Fantasy XV content that any fan will cherish.

Height: 16.30 Inches (US)
Width: 13.30 Inches (US)
Thickness: 2.90 Inches (US)
Weight: 7.5 lb
# of pages: 208
Language: eng
Original language:
Publication date: 09-03-2021
ISBN-13: 9781506715742
ISBN-10: 1506715745
Author(s): Square Enix