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Dark Horse Comics

Miniature Final Fantasy

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A whimsical collection of iconic scenes from the Final Fantasy series, cheerfully realized by miniature photographer Tatsuya Tanaka!

Cloud and Sephiroth reenact their fateful showdown--an open beer can standing in for Nibel Reactor cooling tower. Setzer steers his airship Blackjack, mischievously recreated from corn on the cob. A chocobo flits and frolics across a field of . . . tennis balls.

Tetsuya Tanaka's vibrant miniature photography is showcased side-by-side with concept art that details the process of each photo's creation. This tome catalogs fan-favorite moments captured from across the Final Fantasy series, followed by a longform interview with Tatsuya Tanaka himself.

Dark Horse Books and Square Enix present Miniature Final Fantasy: No Adventure Too Large--Tatsuya Tanaka's miniature Final Fantasy scenes from his memorable Miniature Calendar series. This joyous collaboration celebrates the Final Fantasy series from a wholly unique perspective.

Height: 7.40 Inches (US)
Width: 7.40 Inches (US)
Thickness: 0.50 Inches (US)
Weight: 0.9 lb
# of pages: 96
Language: eng
Original language:
Publication date: 31-12-2019
ISBN-13: 9781506713533
ISBN-10: 150671353X
Author(s): Square Enix / Tatsuya Tanaka