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Dark Horse Comics

The Art of Apex Legends

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An oversized hardcover volume cataloging art and developer commentary on Apex Legends, the hit competitive first-person shooter.

The next evolution of battle royale has arrived, and it can now be enjoyed in more detail than ever before. Pore over the finest features of unique legendary skins, marvel at the deadly intricacies of every dynamic weapon, explore each nook and cranny of the game's battle-scarred arenas, and more!

Whether you main Wraith or Mirage, are a hardcore aggressor or a fastidious shotcaller, or even if you're just a fan of gorgeous video game concept art and intimate creator commentary, The Art of Apex Legends is sure to thrill fans of any stripe!

Height: 12.00 Inches (US)
Width: 9.00 Inches (US)
Thickness: 0.00 Inches (US)
Weight: 1.25 lb
# of pages: 192
Language: eng
Original language:
Publication date: 09-11-2021
ISBN-13: 9781506723617
ISBN-10: 1506723616
Author(s): Respawn Entertainment