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Dark Horse Comics

The Art of Broken Age

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With Broken Age, adventure gaming auteur Tim Schafer returned for the first time in 16 years to the genre that he helped create, and after a historic, record-breaking crowdfunding campaign, the full adventure is here in all its beautiful, hand-painted glory!

Now, Dark Horse Books is proud to partner with Double Fine Productions to offer an intimate look into the worlds of Broken Age! Featuring hundreds of pieces of art, and commentary from the notable voices of director Tim Schafer, lead artist Nathan Bagel Stapley, concept artists Peter Chan and Scott Campbell, art director Lee Petty, and more!

Height: 11.20 Inches (US)
Width: 8.70 Inches (US)
Thickness: 0.60 Inches (US)
Weight: 1.5 lb
# of pages: 120
Language: eng
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Publication date: 07-06-2016
ISBN-13: 9781506700946
ISBN-10: 1506700942
Author(s): Various