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The Art of Grasshopper Manufacture: Complete Collection of Suda51 - A Great Video Game Designer in Japan

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The Art of Grasshopper Manufacture is a highly specialized title showcasing the design work and artistry of the video-game developing company Grasshopper Manufacture. Director-designer-CEO of Grasshopper, Suda51 is known internationally for his original, imaginative style. Most major Grasshopper games are covered within this book including Lollipop Chainsaw, Killer 7, No More Heroes and more. The main visuals for each game are covered, along with package designs, sketches, model sheets and greeting card designs. A must have for fans of high quality Japanese video games! Featured animations and video games include: Shadows of the DAMNED Sine Mora LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW KILLER IS DEAD NO MORE HEROES Diabolical Pitch Fatal Frame - Project Zero Flower, Sun, and Rain Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo BLOOD+ ONE NIGHT KISS michigan SAMURAI CHAMPLOO killer7 The Silver Case Shining Soul II FROG MINUTES and more...! All Suda51 s comments on his video game works are perfectly translated into English so that global fans of Grasshopper Manufacture can enjoy the secret stories of each game.

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# of pages: 224
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Publication date: 28-08-2015
ISBN-13: 9784756245861
ISBN-10: 4756245862
Author(s): Suda 51